Company Profile

Glenman is a forward-thinking, multi-disciplined construction company committed to delivering the best building solutions. Combining experience with innovative techniques, we meet the diverse needs of our customers in both the public and private sectors of the building industry.

Founded in 1990 by Thomas Conneally, Glenman Construction has built successful relationships based on trust and respect with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, architects and engineers, employees and local communities. Under the clear vision and direction of Mr. Conneally, the Company has made significant progress over the past decade. Tommy’s unwavering dedication to the mission of Glenman has seen several improvements in the internal and external environments.

Glenman’s commitment is to provide the highest quality service through the most knowledge-based and cost-effective methods available. This commitment includes placing the highest priority on safety and the environment. Our principles have led us to embrace new technologies that ensure improvements in each of our processes.

Glenman’s team of experienced professionals works in collaboration with our clients to deliver personalized service. With our business model, you get the talent without the overhead, assuring you of responsiveness, flexibility and results. With a cumulative experience of over a hundred years, our thorough understanding of all facets of the building processes, from development, funding and planning to design and construction, we are well equipped to fully understand the individual needs of all its clientele. Glenman assures each client that our ability and performance will match their needs and meet their expectations.

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