Technology is at the heart of Glenman. Management commitment, well-defined processes, continuous training and investment in infrastructure are some of the enablers for effective use of technology at Glenman. We believe that technology when used effectively, can achieve significant results including cost savings, reduction of waste, more productivity, transparency and better flow of info rmation.

Our plan is to combine traditional, hands-on approach to construction with the latest technological advancements. An integral and key component of the company's progressive business philosophy is accurate compilation and sharing of documentation. We soon plan on implementing a web-enabled communication platform and shared access to administrative project reporting systems.


Project Management

Our comprehensive product documentation that is managed by a single, accessible, organized system helps us achieve high quality, control costs and optimize efficiency, especially when work is outsourced.

Meridian Prolog Manager
Prolog Manager is a project management system which provides complete project control by automating all aspects of the construction lifecycle - from project design to close out. Prolog delivers in-depth project management features across projects and programs in the areas of: collaboration, purchasing management, scheduling, cost control, document management and field administration. Built on Microsoft SQL Server database platform, this system offers the following advantages:

  • Increase efficiency by automating repetitive & time-consuming tasks
  • Standardize business processes across all projects
  • Track and monitor projects with increased effectiveness and consistency
  • Manage multiple projects in one database
  • Allow summary reporting and querying across jobs

Suretrak and Microsoft Project for Scheduling
Scheduling is a critical aspect of project management. Ensuring that work is performed according to schedule is the responsibility of the project management team. Our schedule is prepared to encompass all stages of the project including contract award, mobilization, submittals, buy-outs, actual work performed to close-out and submission of as-built drawings.

We use the Critical path method (CPM) for scheduling in which the interrelation of all the efforts required to complete a construction project are shown and efforts critical to the timely completion of the project are indicated. CPM is a system of project planning, scheduling and control, which combines all relevant info rmation into a single master plan. CPM permits the establishment of the optimum sequence and duration of operations;

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ICE 2000 MC2

At Glenman, our Estimators use MC 2 which is proven cutting edge software in the building industry. We have experienced several advantages of using MC 2 :

  • Reduce Takeoff Time by at least 50%
  • Digitizer Technology
  • Improved bid management process
  • Bid accuracy
  • Advanced reports such as quantity survey reports
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Link with Microsoft Office and Project Management Systems

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Our Accounting Department uses a fully integrated Accounting software program - Timberline for all of the Company's financial and accounting requirements. Timberline supports project budgeting comparison with actual costs, reflecting the true financial health of every project at any given point. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, job costing, reconciliation, cash management and preparation of financial statements, etc are some of the other functions of our Accounting department.

Timberline allows for accurate, customized reporting and analysis of project budgets, costs and profitability; this enables better monitoring, control and management.

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