Safety & Health

Every day, at every jobsite, Glenman provides a safe workplace for our employees, subcontractors and clients. We accomplish this through implementing industry-leading safety processes, practicing OSHA-advocated standards and compliance with applicable safety laws.

Our corporate culture promotes teamwork, genuine trust and passion for safety that is integrated with systems, processes, technology and training. This approach fosters a pervasive safety program which is applicable to all our projects.

The essential elements of our written Safety and Health Program are:

  • Conducting and updating project and job site analysis to identify and control hazardous conditions
  • Establishing inspection and monitoring procedures and timetables to ensure conformance with the safety program and plan
  • Establishing reporting and recordkeeping procedures to document implementation of the program and to provide timely communication of this information throughout the duration of the project
  • Take corrective measures in a prompt manner
  • Establishing training requirements to address deficiencies

Every project has a specific individual responsible for implementing the safety plan. This identification ensures that safety procedures are followed and activities of subcontractors are well-coordinated. Our Safety program is all pervasive and also applies to our suppliers and subcontractors. We make every effort to provide safe and healthful working conditions at all times.

The safety and health of our employees is our highest priority.