Glenman has a holistic approach to achieving high quality construction projects. Quality is a primary objective of all our activities from the initial conception of a project to final close-out and occupancy. Our Corporate Manual for Policies and Procedures is a propriety document that integrates the functioning of our internal departments in order to provide seamless services.

Our Quality Management Program consists of two primary categories: Quality Assurance in preconstruction and Quality Control in construction and post-construction. Fundamental to our quality program is the principle of "right first time, every time!" With this end in mind, we place emphasis on controlling activities and incorporating efficient methods in order to assure a reliable building process.

Some of the control points of our Quality Program include:

  • Defined Results and meeting specification standards
  • Delivery and installation procedures of Materials, Tools and equipment
  • Qualified and approved trade contractors and vendors
  • Written AIA Contract agreements with approved subcontractors
  • Documented processes, tracking and maintenance of project data and records
  • Tracking of milestone activities on the schedule and expediting critical components
  • Jobsite inspections and testing procedures
  • Quality system audits
  • Value Engineering
  • Punch list and close out procedures
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Training and education
  • Commitment to constant improvement

Whether we are applying new technologies to enhance our performance, practicing sustainable construction, closing out projects efficiently or supporting our community, we strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of business.