Program Management

Program Management is specific to client needs. Glenman will develop a program for the effective management of several individual but related projects in order to produce an overall system that works effectively. We will develop a consolidated approach for the entire portfolio of projects.

The program is usually reflected in the management structure as there will be a program manager to whom the project managers will report. Said program manager or sometimes program director will concern himself with recruiting and maintaining his project management teams and on integrating the deliverables of each project into one overall program.

Glenman's program management approach consists of the following five stages :

  • Planning : The process of planning each project in terms of time and resource requirements.
  • Consolidation : The process of combining the many individual project plans into a comprehensive program plan.
  • Evaluation: Analyzing each project for compatibility to program resources and researching alternative strategies to find optimal schedules program implementation.
  • Dissemination : The dissemination of decisions taken back to the individual project teams and the modification of individual project plans.
  • Achievement Measurement: Measurement of budgets, time and performance to monitor progress.